Stop Eating Chocolate

Stop Eating Chocolate

Stop Eating Chocolate Hypnotherapy MP3, Lytham Hypnotherapy

Stop Eating Chocolate

Stop Eating Chocolate. Chocolate like sugar is addictive and for those who struggle eating too much chocolate, it won’t be making you feel good, and addiction to chocolate can be far more serious than we realise. Chocolate addiction generally brings weight gain, however it’s a double edge sword, as the excessive sugars can rot our teeth too, and this can send our confidence in a downward spiral.

This can lead to e perceiving ourselves of low self-worth and depression and thereby our happiness being affected, through these negative feelings. Sadly, these emotions can have direct effects on our health and well-being and the whole spiral of negativity only seems to lead to taking more comfort in chocolate.

Addictive problems in many cases are grounded in the subconscious mind.  The brains produce psychological coping methods to help when you face difficult situations.  If you use food as your comfort your mind begins to connect this method with the feelings of happiness or stress reduction which you then achieve, leading you to believe you’ve got to implement this same approach each time you feel down. If your chocolate addiction isn’t making your life sweet, this Stop Eating Chocolate Hypnotherapy MP3 may help you to release your addiction forever.

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This Stop Eating Chocolate Hypnotherapy MP3 may help you to:

  • Just imagine, breaking your chocolate addiction.
  • Just imagine, bypassing chocolate wherever you go, it will become second nature to you.
  • Just imagine, no more guilty feelings or emotions.
  • Just imagine, no more secretly hiding the sweet wrappers because you don’t want anyone to know?
  • Just imagine, no more over-indulging.
  • Just imagine, not worrying about obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, and even some types of cancer.

Repeated Listening

It is vital to listen to the hypnotherapy recording every night at bedtime and going to sleep listening to it for at least 60 days, plus. You, see, the Mother of all learning is repetition, so repeated listening every evening at bedtime, will drop into the subconscious mind very quickly. My advice is don’t look for changes, just allow them to happen naturally, however many people start to feel different, feeling more positive within themselves very soon. It is up to you how often you listen, but the more you listen the more you will benefit. Keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. Success depends on the second letter ‘U’ and therefore


Lytham Hypnotherapy MP3 Audios’ are created to offer the listener positive suggestions to benefit them with positive changes. The audios are not a replacement for therapy, nor are they bespoke, and therefore we don’t guarantee outcomes which may vary from person to person.