Anger Control

Anger Control

Anger Control Hypnotherapy MP3, Lytham Hypnotherapy

Product Description

In my practice in Lytham, I see many clients for issues with anger and for those with anger issues it can be difficult for them to understand that anger is an emotion that induces a physiological response, because they genuinely believe it’s an illness. Anger control MP3 can help control your anger, as it teaches you ways to feel calmer and more relaxed that everybody experiences from time to time.  The Lytham Hypnotherapy Anger Release MP3 can help you to abolish your anger. Anger Control Hypnotherapy MP3,

Mild anger may be brought on by feeling tired, stressed or irritated, in fact we are more likely to feel irritated if our basic human needs (food, shelter, sex, sleep, etc.) are not met or are jeopardised in some way. We may become angry when reacting to frustration, criticism or a threat and this is not necessarily a bad or inappropriate reaction. Anger Control Hypnotherapy MP3,

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We can also feel irritated by other people’s beliefs, opinions and actions and hence anger can affect our ability to communicate effectively, making us more likely to say or do unreasonable or irrational things. It can be clear that somebody is angry from what they say or how they say it, or from their tone of voice.

Anger can also be expressed through body language and other non-verbal cues: trying to look physically bigger (and therefore more intimidating), staring, frowning and clenching of fists.  Some people are very good at internalising their anger and it may be difficult to notice any physical signs.

It is, however, unusual for an actual physical attack to transpire without ‘warning’ signs appearing first. Anger Control Hypnotherapy MP3,

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What Makes People Angry?

Some common triggers to anger include:

  • Grief-sadness, loss of a family member, friend or other loved one.
  • Rudeness, poor interpersonal skills and/or poor service. (See Interpersonal Skills and Customer Service Skills)
  • Tiredness, since people may have shorter tempers and be more irritable when tired.
  • Injustice: for example, infidelity, being bullied, humiliated or embarrassed, or being told that you, or a loved one, has a serious illness.
  • Sexual frustration.
  • Money problems and the stress associated with debt.
  • Some forms of stress, unrealistic deadlines and things beyond our immediate control such as being stuck in traffic. (See: What is Stress? and Avoiding Stress)
  • A feeling of failure or disappointment.
  • Becoming angry because of taking drugs or alcohol, or when withdrawing from such substances.
  • Having a crime committed against you or a loved one: theft, violence, sexual offences but also more minor things such as a feeling of being treated inappropriately.
  • Being either physical or mentally unwell, being in pain or living with a serious illness can lead to feeling angry.

How the Anger MP3 can help you

Lytham Hypnotherapy for Anger control MP3 can help control your anger, as it teaches you ways to feel calmer and more relaxed so that you can control the feelings rather than them controlling you. Just imagine finally remaining calm and resourceful in all situations. Imagine what would it be like to really be free of the inappropriate anger in yourself? Lytham Hypnotherapy life-changing hypnosis MP3 can:

  • Release the unwarranted anger in your life
  • Dissolve negative limiting triggers that would get you angry
  • Develop new empowering beliefs about yourself
  • Construct transformational feelings of calmness and resourcefulness
  • Create exciting ways acting and reacting in all situations
  • If you were in conscious control of your anger, you would have changed it by now. The fact that you cannot must mean that your mind is running this issue at an unconscious level.

Repeated Listening

It is vital to listen to the hypnotherapy recording every night at bedtime and going to sleep listening to it for at least 60 days, plus. You, see, the Mother of all learning is repetition, so repeated listening every evening at bedtime, will drop into the subconscious mind very quickly. My advice is don’t look for changes, just allow them to happen naturally, however many people start to feel different, feeling more positive within themselves very soon. It is up to you how often you listen, but the more you listen the more you will benefit. Keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. Success depends on the second letter ‘U’ and therefore you are the one to make your own successes in life.

‘Lytham Hypnotherapy MP3 Audios’ are created to offer the listener positive suggestions to benefit them with positive changes. The audios are not a replacement for therapy, nor are they bespoke, and therefore we don’t guarantee outcomes which may vary from person to person.