Hypnotherapy Manchester - Lytham Hypnotherapy
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Hypnotherapy Manchester

Hypnotherapy Manchester at Lytham Therapies. Hello and welcome to Hypnotherapy Manchester. Hypnotherapy Manchester offers Clinical Hypnotherapy to make the positive changes you are looking for to enhance your life. Positive change for you can be anything that helps you to break free from the things that are holding you back. Sometimes it feels like we go through life with an elastic band on our back, we get so far and ping…we’re back to where we started. Hypnotherapy can help you to snap that band and break free to make those positive changes you are looking to make. Hypnotherapy offers Positive Change Hypnotherapy for YOU!

Hypnotherapy Manchester for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss has a programme where you’ll gain an understanding about your eating patterns, and help you to change your relationship with food. We’ll identify unsupportive habits and replace them with powerful new ones. You’ll become motivated to take action to achieve the positive reaction you’re wanting. As your hypnotherapist I’ll re calibrate your mind and body to work in harmony with each other for you to reclaim your healthy, slim and happy body. Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Please call on 01253 969695 to book your free 30 minute free weight loss consultation.

Hypnotherapy Manchester for Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy can help you to Stop Smoking. Hypnotherapy Manchester offers science based Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Packages, tailored to each individual client to help them to Stop Smoking. Basically altered brain chemistry is the problem for those who’re unable to Stop Smoking. One of the main reasons you’ve become so addicted to smoking and find it difficult to Stop Smoking is because nicotine encourages artificially high production of serotonin, dopamine, other neurotransmitters and hormones, creating an imbalance in the “reward system” of your brain. Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Please call Hypnotherapy Manchester on 01253 969695 to book your free 30 minute free stop smoking consultation.

Hypnotherapy Manchester for Anxiety

Anxiety can strike at any time and at any age and I know that with anxiety we may find ourselves avoiding certain situations that may trigger our anxiety, however Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can help you? Or maybe you have some days you feel totally fine and then your anxiety seems to come from nowhere? Anxiety can produce feelings of a rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach and sometimes paranoia, however, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can help you.

Please call on 01253 969695 to book your free 30 minute free anxiety consultation.

Hypnotherapy Manchester for Alcohol Addiction

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in changing a person’s deepest beliefs about who they are. I believe that when a person quits an addiction, they need to be something other than an “addict in recovery” for the rest of their life. Hypnotherapy is so effective in changing addictive behaviours is that it changes a person’s deepest beliefs about who they are. I truly believe that to end alcohol addiction, people need to surround themselves with positive beliefs about being healthy and having the power to stay strong and in control. And this is where hypnosis makes some deep and lasting changes. Hypnotherapy Manchester for can help you.

Please call Hypnotherapy Manchester on 01253 969695 to book your free 30 minute free Alcohol Addiction consultation.

Hypnotherapy Manchester for:

Stop Smoking





Low Self-Esteem


Alcohol Addiction

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


Infertility Hypnotherapy


Public Speaking


High Blood Pressure

Pain Killer Addiction