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I’ve had Sleep Apnea for years and know full well that Sleep Apnea and tinnitus are widely connected. Tinnitus is something I’ve suffered with over the last 5 years, and recently I’ve used my own hypnosis and NLP program to help myself. The hypnosis and NLP has worked in helping deal with the problem!

I could constantly hear ringing sounds in both ears, as though in stereo. The internally generated sound was continuous, and the volume was annoyingly constant. I know through my own practice Lytham Therapies that tinnitus is relatively common and can occur at any age.

For those who suffer from tinnitus largely either suffer from depression or stress related anxiety before the onset of the noise. The mind has the capabilities with submodalities to moderate and turn down the annoying noise that tinnitus sufferers hear, and it’s for that reason that I use hypnotherapy combined with NLP for my tinnitus clients.

For those suffering with tinnitus, the emotions can run the width and breadth from anger to anxiety and distress to depression. My job as the hypnotherapist is two-fold. I have to neutralise the emotional “charge”  so that the client has a better chance for improvement.

As with IBS, tinnitus is one of many physical conditions widely thought to be made worse by stress. Sometimes people who suffer from tinnitus also suffered from stress, anxiety or depression before they became aware of the ringing in their ears; and sometimes anxiety and stress is brought about by the onset of tinnitus.

50-60% of people plagued with tinnitus mention they have a sleep disorder, and insomnia can have a negative impact on the tinnitus, worsening the functional and emotional toll on each individual.

Interestingly, many people with tinnitus also report trouble sleeping or have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea prior to the onset of tinnitus. If you’re suffering, go and see your GP, and try and get it sorted out, why suffer in silence.

I specialise in tinnitus hypnotherapy, if you’d like a free 30 minute consultation on please call Annette Brown at Lytham Hypnotherapy on 01253 969695 to book your free 30 minute Lytham Hypnotherapy consultation for tinnitus hypnotherapy.